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The Big Picture

If a few grains of sand were added to your gas tank each time you filled up your car, you wouldn't notice at first.  However, over time your car would be damaged by the buildup of pollutants.  Our children are so much more valuable than the cars we drive, and yet pollutants are being added to their systems every day.  

Most children have been consuming pesticide residues for years, and now the buildup of those pollutants is becoming apparent. Children today are sicker than ever before.  


Thirty years ago, peanuts were considered a HEALTHY snack. Now, for many children peanuts are LETHAL. It is NOT NORMAL for children to be allergic to peanuts.  In fact, it is NOT NORMAL for children to be allergic to food.  Period.  Food allergies used to be EXTREMELY RARE. It is also NOT NORMAL for young children to have cancer, diabetes, Autism, gluten intolerance, IBS, ADHD, and severe behavior disorders.  Children today are suffering from illnesses and conditions that are caused by the pesticide residues they have been consuming for years. Their gas tanks are full of sand.

It is time for us to speak up to those in charge of feeding our children while they are in school and say STOP!  Stop feeding students foods laced with the same pesticides that are classified as HIGHLY TOXIC under Texas Integrated Pest Management. There is no "safe dose" of pesticides children should be eating daily.  Pesticides are poisons.  PROTECT CHILDREN FROM POISONS BY SERVING ORGANIC FOODS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Key Points:

*"From learning disabilities to autism, diabetes and cancer, a startling number of childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise. Children are sicker today than they were a generation ago."

*"In short, children are absorbing a higher load of pesticides at a time when their bodies are still developing, and are thus least equipped to protect themselves."

*"Children should not be battling cancer, period. Yet more and more are doing exactly that, and government data confirms that U.S. childhood cancer rates are higher than ever before, and climbing."

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The Big Picture

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