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The Texas Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, prohibits students' exposure during applications of pesticides such as chlorpyrifos, Lorsban, Roundup, Malathion, Parquat, Diquat, Reglone, and other toxic pesticides. However, if the goal of the IPM is to protect students from exposure to toxic pesticides, then they have failed. Children in Texas Public Schools are being exposed daily to multiple toxic pesticides in the food they eat at school. Many of these pesticides are systemic and can not be washed off, peeled off, cooked off, or processed off. How can it be safe for children to EAT foods containing the same toxic pesticides that are prohibited under the Integrated Pest Management Plan? 

Our goal at Organic Foods For Students in Texas (OFFSinTX)/(SPSinTx) is to influence policy changes in the Texas Legislature. Currently, students are not protected from oral pesticide exposure in Texas Public Schools. We want the Integrated Pest Management Program expanded to include prohibiting pesticides in school foods. We want a policy that mandates foods served to students in Texas Public Schools be certified organic with no measurable pesticide or chemical residues.

OFFSinTX (SPSinTX) does not accept monetary donations.

We only request that you share this information

and our website with as many people as possible

and encourage them to sign

the petition and join our efforts to protect

students from chronic oral pesticide poisoning in

Texas Public Schools.

Let’s go back to the good 'ole days

when food was food and poison wasn’t.

Let our children heal.


Donna Rogers and Kyna Liland
Founders of
Organic Foods For Students in Texas or

email us at

Organic Foods For Students in Texas ( (

The Goal


The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of MEDICINE or the slowest form of POISON.


    -Ann Wigmore-

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